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Split Personalities: From Realism to Abstraction

  • Gallery 21 115 West 21st Street Norfolk, VA, 23517 United States (map)

Join us for the Opening Reception of our next exhibit, 
Saturday, June 15th at 5:00pm
Split Personalities: From Realism to Abstraction, Featuring: Yvonne Boone and Beverly Furman

Artist's Statement

Yvonne Boone

I have always enjoyed creating art. My work is ever evolving, progressing from realistic watercolor paintings to experimental concepts using combinations of acrylic, collage, and photography. The artistic journey itself offers me a challenge and sense of delight. 

My love of vivid color and warm sunshine permeates my artwork. I enjoy traveling, and many of my landscapes are places I have visited. I am often inspired by the ever-changing water of the Chesapeake Bay and the bright colors of local flowers. 

Watercolor is an unpredictable and challenging medium. I enjoy its translucency, which allows the texture of the paper to show through. I sometimes tilt a wet painting to create color mixes and patterns. 

Color, patterns, and textures intrigue me. With my current acrylic and mixed media pieces, I am seeking to provoke the viewer to use their imagination to find hidden objects. Through my altered photography pieces, I strive to create layered meanings and emotional content that changes the image from the mundane to enigmatic. 

The altered photography images are part of an ongoing series of digital photographs that I redesign to explore the presentation of ordinary objects in a new way, with layers of unexpected texture and color. I strive to engage the viewer in the artwork to see value and interest in aged and decaying subjects that have become stressed from years of environmental abuse. 

I find the textures particularly intriguing. I hope to express the concept of beauty in the mundane. A visual excitement can be found in decaying surfaces of rusting metal, flaking paint, stains, scratches and scrapes. My subjects are slowly eroding from the ravishes of time and weather. These new images are cropped and slightly altered to feature them in a new way, rendering them not easily recognizable and enigmatic.

Beverly Furman

The paintings in this series are some of my latest works. A lifetime of creating art has afforded me a large visual vocabulary for expressing my interests and views of the world. Earlier in my career I wanted to depict reality, but now my motto is, “I want to paint something I have never seen before.” My current paintings may have drips, splatters, and dabs that do not depict concrete images. Yet, they reflect my feelings and emotions about the world as it is now. 

I have had extensive experience with many art media, in addition to painting with acrylics and watercolor. I have worked with colored pencil, inkjet transfer, and collage. I loved learning these new techniques, but I always go back to painting. 

My work is a response to my immediate surroundings and life events. The effects of humans on nature and vice-versa fascinate me. The subject is sometimes less important to me than the visual and emotional impact of the image. 

Using the immediate and familiar, I seek to create something I have not seen before. Exploring an expanding variety of two-dimensional media has yielded and ever-widening means of expression. I attempt to weave layers of paint like a tapestry – there are always hints of colors peeking through. 

My work spans a range from realism to abstract, with expressionist tendencies. Presently, I am interested in combining life experiences and art techniques into evocative images that express my evolving vision in new ways. 

I am an intuitive painter. Since I am not painting objects or scenes, I follow the paint where it leads me. I explore the possibilities of the versatile acrylic paint, making marks that please me and using colors that I love. This process is not easy. It takes me out of my comfort zone, but it is usually exciting.

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