Gallery 21
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About V2


About Gallery 21


After visiting fine art galleries around the world in their travels, Jim and Margaret Todd wanted to bring a similar high-end art experience to Hampton Roads. As a budding Sumi-e artist himself, Jim was meeting talented artists all across the region and was determined to create an outlet for their work. 

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Our Art

Gallery 21 opened its first Sumi-e and thrown pottery exhibit in May of 2016. since then it has featured a wide range of artists and mediums including modern pieces from an artist collective in Brooklyn to large-scale abstract oil paintings. The mission of Gallery 21 is to connect local artists to the community through receptions and exhibits that highlight local artistic talent. 


The Gallery

With its polished concrete floors, exposed brick walls and ever-changing curated exhibits, Gallery 21 brings the high-end, fine art experience to Hampton Roads residents.

We are open to the public Thursdays through Sundays from 1pm to 6pm. Come in and see our current exhibit and learn more about our artists and how you can rent the gallery for your next professional event. 



We encourage local artists who have an extensive body of work they would like to exhibit to contact us about our space and schedule. Single artists, pairs or collectives are welcome to inquire. All exhibits are opened with an artist's welcome reception and are professionally marketed during the duration of the show.